Proposed Park Plans
Due to the scope of the park redevelopment
project, the funding plan will be separated into
two phases. Phase I will include the basic
improvements that are necessary to begin the
project such as demolition of the current pavilion
structure, grading of moving of soil, installation
of irrigation systems and lighting, and other
general site improvements.  Phase II includes
features such as a new pavilion with access for
disabled persons, garden walls and ornamental

Detailed perspective drawings, photographs and budget estimates were presented to attendees at the Italian Village Society Holiday Potluck on December 13, 2005. The plans were well received and many ideas for possible funding sources were shared. The Park committee will pursue funding in the form of grants from foundations, non-profit organizations, and state, city and federal agencies. Donations from private individuals and businesses will also be accepted.

The Design:
Conceptual Drawing of Park   |   Full Park Design

Results of Community Survey:
Microsoft Word   |   Adobe PDF

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