The Italian Village Commission
Italian Village is a unique Columbus neighborhood
containing a collection of residential, commercial, and
industrial buildings. The district's late 19th and early 20th
century character is defined by its historic buildings, narrow
streets, and pedestrian amenities, such as mature street
trees and front porches.

Today, nearly a million buildings are listed in the National
Register of Historic Places, either individually, or as part of a
registered historical district. They require not only continued
maintainance and preservation, but also the rehabilitation
needed to accomodate new uses dictated by the changing

The Italian Village Commission was established by Columbus City Council in 1973 to determine the appropriateness of restoration / reconstruction or new construction projects in order to preserve those features of the property that are significant to the historical, architectural, and cultural character of Italian Village.

The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor. A Certificate of Appropriateness must be obtained from the Commission before doing any work, other than routine maintenance, on the exterior of any structure in the Italian Village.

More information about The Italian Village Commission can be found on the City of Columbus' Department of Development website.

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