Code Enforcement Overview
To enforce Columbus City Codes pertaining to the Health and Safety of Columbus Citizens, specifically Housing (Title 45), Zoning (Title 33), Building (Title 41), Health, Sanitation and Safety Code (Title 7), Nuisance Abatement (Title 47) and Streets, Parks and Public Properties Code (Title 9). These codes can all be found in full on the OrdLink and City Of Columbus websites.

Housing Code:
  • Clean-up / Fix-up / Paint-up Issues such as painting your house, keeping your yard free from trash & debris, and maintaining your property
  • Carbon-Monoxide checks
  • Licensing Rooming Houses (annual)
  • General requests for Inspections-rental apartments, sidewalks, garages, etc.

Zoning Code:
  • Primary uses of buildings
  • Prohibited uses in yards such as storage of materials, parking vehicles and / or boats and trailers in yards
  • Inoperable Motor Vehicles / Commercial Vehicles in Residential Areas
  • Graphics (Signs)
  • Licensing Junk Yards (annual)          

Exterior Improvements/Alterations in Commissioned/Historical Areas
  • University Impact District / University Area Commission
  • Iuka Ravine / Indianola Forest / Northwood Park / Victorian & Italian Villages
  • Zoning Code addresses these issues          

Health, Sanitation and Safety:
  • High grass and weeds, trash and debris, solid waste (also pertains to commercial properties)
  • Overfilled trash containers
  • Animals
  • Vacant Lots

Building Code:
  • Work / Alterations requiring a Building Permit / Registration Certificate- residential properties
  • Unlicensed Contractors-residential and commercial properties

Nuisance Abatement Code:
  • Vacant Structures

Columbus Code Enforcement works with other City agencies such as the Police Department as well as outside agencies such as Netcare, OSU Student Legal Housing Clinic, Children Services, Adult Protective Services and the Short North Business Assoc. We are also involved with Neighborhood Pride, which is the mayor's initiative to improve neighborhoods throughout the City of Columbus.

Complaint Line: 614-645-8139
Mayor's Action Center: 614-645-2489 (CITY)

SAM HARACHIS: 614-645-5992
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