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The Short North Block Watch is a neighborhood group bonded by a common interest -- keeping the neighborhood safe.

Crime prevention is a community commitment. Join today!

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Block Watch Duties & Services
What would you like to see?  Check our facebook page for more details.
OnWatch Program
We have periodic scheduled night patrols. Although not all patrols are scheduled, members are encouraged to contact others to monitor the neighborhood.  Your safety is priority -- always patrol the neighborhood in pairs, especially at dusk or night hours.
Report Suspicious Activity
to the Columbus Police at 614-645-4545
Don't expect someone else to call because they just might not! Reporting suspicious activity will alert the police to potential issues and may provide a link to missing information. Always include a specific location and thorough description of the activity and/or persons.
Daily Vigilance
Eyes and ears are our best tools at keeping the neighborhood safe.  Neighbors and members should be vigilant while at home and in the neighborhood.  Crimes can happen at any time, day or night.
"Don't get towed!" Campaign
The weekend before the tri-annual street sweeping, Block Watch members are reminding neighbors "Don't get towed!" with roadside signs and/or vehicle flyers.  Click here for more information or visit the City of Columbus Street Sweeping Information page for more information on dates and times.
BOLO Alerts & Safety Tips
Our facebook page is a great way to get alerts, tips and other information out to hundreds of members right away. When warranted, an email notification will also be sent.  Please feel free to post on our facebook wall.  
Operation: SafeNeighborhood
The Italian Village enjoys low crime rates when compared to other urban neighborhoods in Columbus.  "SafeNeighborhood" is a Block Watch program to keep this quality of life.  What are your suggestions?  Email us.